Thursday, 8 February 2018

Interior Trend: Solid Wood Objects & white ambience

Here's one of my recent interior design trends' favourites -- curious hardwood objects and freeform seating furniture against white or subdued earth tones background...

MidCentury Home in Berlin of Emmanuel de Bayser, the owner of a concept store called The Corner.
Sofa and armchairs are by Jean Royere.

Family Home by Kelly Wearstler, Inc. in Malibu, CA

Family Home by Kelly Wearstler, Inc. in Malibu, CA

↓... I'm loving how the coolness of marble harmonizes with the warmth of wood.   

↓... alas, I cannot find the original source of the image below, only remember that this apartment is located in Barcelona. It's slightly out of the featured trend, because of the shabby textures, yet it's here for I like the selection of furniture and, as always, such a comforting solution -- wood against a light tones background.

   And, playing with the idea, I have created this set imagining a lounge room in early winter morning colour palette. I had some tough time searching for the unique furniture pieces that would make an uncommonly looking lounge group and go surprisingly well with each other. As one of my favourite fashion designers, Paul Smith says - "What I adore is mixing the unexpected, things you don't imagine should go together."
   Well, this seating group might appear to be balancing somewhere on the verge of mis-match... Yet, I hope it is still not beyond a good taste and creativity duo ;)
   As Pablo Picasso once said - "The chief enemy of creativity is good sense." So, let us be guided by the following criterion -- if there is harmony & balance felt about anything,  this is good! 😎
... and, have you spotted a fantastic Octopus sculpture? It's hand carved from a single piece of sweet chestnut burr by a British sculptor, Bill Prickett.
Check out MY STYLE blog to get to know what the top features of the set are.

📍Now, summing up all of the above, I suggest a few key steps in
styling a smart interior with solid wood objects...

1. ...bringing into the space  s o l i d  w o o d   f r e e f o r m  accent furniture and decor pieces such as
v a s e s,  s c u l p t u r e s,  j e w e l l e r y  b o x e s  etc... Artisan  c e r a m i c s  are to be another 'must'.
2. ...think also about  h a r d w o o d   p l y w o o d  s t a t e m e n t  f u r n i t u r e, plus...
3. ...c o s m i c  style o b j e c t s, e.g. lighting, like those mushroom shaped lamps in Kelly Wearstler's Malibu living room [the second picture from above]
4. ...and that's not to forget about lots of  w h i t e and its natural shades which play a major role in the given style background colour scheme.

 As a conclusion, here are my top 5 finds for an outstanding styling...
1 Glass Pot or Terrarium with wood root Base .BALIEXCLUSIVO  $69.95
2 Set of Tables CODIT by DOBREDREWNO  .DAWANDA 181.85
3 Katie Gong Stump side table .westelm $249 $329
4 Natural Wood Sofa Table  by NEVASTARR  North Carolina, U .ETSY  5,164.08
5 Ash Wood Bread Board handmade in Kyiv, Ukraine by Bukke .DAWANDA 45.00

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