Friday, 15 December 2017

WABI.SABI --- Rustic : masculine : Nordic ⏩ pa r t I

I haven't done such kind of posting since ages, and now, back on track, I'd like to share a couple of my recent interests in the lifestyle category. And that is, surprisingly enough, a RUSTIC NORDIC interiors with an expressive masculine feel.

There is an idea of an iron cabin which we would love to use as a summer kitchen. The preference there should go to  r u s t i c   m e t a l   o b j e c t s,   g l a s s,   w i r e   i t e m s  and  e c o-f r i e n d l y  l i n e n s. As to the colour palette, it must be dark --  b l a c k  &  b l u e  as background tones, and  d u s k y   t i n t s  along with occasional additions of w h i t e  to "light-up" the space. And what could be more perfect colours & textures inspiration in creating such an austere yet comfortable private space than Nordic land- and waterscapes!

🔍 the first 2 images via here   🔍 road image via  here   🔍 still life is from TINE K HOME via here.

🔍 I'm loooving these black glazed tiles! This kitchen corner looks totally smashing! The image is via 📍Ah, and something more, here's a small book cover image in the left-hand corner, have you spotted? THE NATURAL HOME book by a Swedish stylist, Hans Blomquist seems to be right what we need to create a brutal yet harmonious Nordic space with a focus on simple, natural materials.

🔍  Another kitchen corner in black is also captivating, simple yet solid.
🔍 And I couldn't help but adding here something authentically Nordic, -- an ICELANDIC FISH SOUP, recipe here. That's what I'd love to make first on my future iron cabin summer kitchen!😎

Though the main idea of the project is its being rustic, I consider bringing statement contemporary design objects into such space, be it tableware, lighting or furniture...
And this is my Polyvore set "THANKSGIVING DINNER!which I did by the Thanksgiving day, yet
it perfectly fits into the topic!

And now, we've come close to my next lifestyle crush, which is... TADAAM!.. WABI SABI, as it's called originally in Japanese, shortly meaning "... the art of finding beauty in imperfection." Adapting the concept to the European realities, it may also be accepted as a kind of new HYGGE.
Culturally being very far from anything Japanese, I've defined several aspects of what  w a b i   s a b i  style means to me -- first of all, it's 📍 LIVING SLOW, a seeming CAREFREE-ness though based upon a lot of attention to the littlest details, RUSTIC MINIMALIST approach, a mix of NORDIC & sometimes NOMADIC! elements and the usage of ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS.
  🔍 All images via TUMBLR The last fashion image is from the shop

These looks from a Slovak fahsion brand NEHERA are giving some notion on how I see my version of 'wabi-sabi' clothing. My other favourite brands of the kind that first are coming to my mind are COSMIC WONDER, EATABLE OF MANY ORDERS, ENGINEERED GARMENTS and LURDES BERGADA...

Well, the style I'm presenting here today is quite b r u t a l & r o u g h. But there is another 'wabi-sabi' style I like which is a   s o f t | n a t u r e l l e. Soon to come, in one of my next posts!😉

🔑 Well, hope you enjoyed, let me know if you feel like it's up your alley too! 
And lastly, I wanna share with you a couple of my favourite links, the ultimate place if you want to draw  inspiration for the slow living. And here they are:


  1. I like that rusty nordic feeling with masculine spice. I just loved that black which look like very dark navy blue. Thanks for sharing this!

    I have that little grey glass candle holder..I think it is Iittala's Kivi.

    1. Hi, Teresa! Thank you, glad you find this trend appealing,too!:)
      Hehe you're right, that's exactly Iittala's Kivi!😉

  2. Well all i can say is that you have a grate talent,and an awesome taste in all your work,picture to me they look how you say??? rostic?? i will say Medieval.Old age life but beautiful.Your B.G. IS sweet Lady.Z.:)