Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Elegance in beige

This London apartment designed by KATRINA PHILLIPS feels like a small oasis of serenity and harmony! Soft shades of coffee with milk are livened up by occasional spots of berry colours. Well, something has definitely got me hooked here!
Straight lines of classic European elegance are refined by the presence of Oriental pieces - a Moroccan ceiling lantern, a carved wooden wardrobe (i guess it's what it looks like) on the right and even a woman in pink makes her special contribution to the room's atmosphere.

I love bay windows! They not only allow in much light, but also provide a perfect space to arrange a comfortable lounge zone.

The niche, that might first have been a kind of architectural defect, is turned into a collector's display of favourite objects. ✪ The bedroom continues enveloping with peaceful vibes. Coffee & Milk tones of textiles, furniture and heavy, similar to stage drapes, curtains make a soothing but not dull colour palette with the light pistacchio of the walls.


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