Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Beautiful Subotica

This Autumn we happened to be for a little walk around the historical center of Subotica, a picturesque town in Vojvodina province of Serbia, located not far from the Hungarian border. We were there only in transit, but I could take some pictures of this amazing town during our half an hour walk.

Many buildings in the center of Subotica were built in the beginning of the 20th century in Hungarian Secession style, which I really admire!

I am loving such style of shop-windows as protruded glass cases in wooden frames... They feel very nostalgic and draw me on like magnets :)

... a beautiful coffee spot attracting with sunny-yellow sitting area...

 ... I feel so much interest in historical architecture with its aura of mystery calling to explore unique stories old buildings possess... Even simply leafing through photography books is always inspiring!

A cosy looking bakery "Proleće" (means "Spring") discovered somewhere not far from the town's center... 

And next time, I invite you for a walk in one of my most favourite cities, Beograd!💓 I'll do my best to be back the soonest possible! Meanwhile, a delightful weekend to all who's reading this!

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