Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year 2018!

A Very Happy New Year 2018 to us all!🎄 And yes, I have a wish -- for myself, but I think, everyone would love to join! The wish is... to stop dreaming and start turning dreams into goals! Not always anything what we desire comes naturally to us... yeah, let's face it 😎  But, the truth is that almost everything lies within our power if we start making all necessary steps, small and big ones, shaping our own realities the way we want! 

And no matter whether a goal is to learn a foreign language, master a new hobby, buy a house or set off for an exciting journey across your favourite country. It's actually all about listening to your heart and (now the important secret is being revealed!) moving forward while being present in the here and now. That's the key to living life's real magic!;)
So, let's be unstoppable goal achievers this year and... right, I've said  u n s t o p p a b l e! And why not to share our joyous achievements we're making along the way?!💃

Now, to tell the truth, I wasn't successful at taking good photos of our lovely Christmas/New Year Tree as my camera is being capricious these days about having plenty of daylight to snap high-quality photos. 
So, the decision was to find an inspiring image in the net and, I made the task even harder, - it should have been none of those circulating here and there in the blogosphere, no matter its visual appeal. It took me 2 days, and I was lucky to have come across these three!😊 

↓ This room, though being dark blue, does convey the holiday's magic spirit! Can you feel it?
Ideas and decoration by Amanda Koster
↓ I'm feeling very much attracted to this country-style living room in beige tones. The decor is simple enough yet cozy, and the whole ambience feels so heart-warming!

↓ And here I'm loving how the fireplace is decorated with the Christmas balls garland  - the choice of colours is just perfect, so wintry! Plus we can see there some twig balls and, of course, candles making the whole arrangement complete.
Christmas at Annabel Lewis', owner of specialist haberdasher's V V Rouleaux, restored farmhouse in Cumbria

Friday, 15 December 2017

WABI.SABI --- Rustic : masculine : Nordic ⏩ pa r t I

I haven't done such kind of posting since ages, and now, back on track, I'd like to share a couple of my recent interests in the lifestyle category. And that is, surprisingly enough, a RUSTIC NORDIC interiors with an expressive masculine feel.

There is an idea of an iron cabin which we would love to use as a summer kitchen. The preference there should go to  r u s t i c   m e t a l   o b j e c t s,   g l a s s,   w i r e   i t e m s  and  e c o-f r i e n d l y  l i n e n s. As to the colour palette, it must be dark --  b l a c k  &  b l u e  as background tones, and  d u s k y   t i n t s  along with occasional additions of w h i t e  to "light-up" the space. And what could be more perfect colours & textures inspiration in creating such an austere yet comfortable private space than Nordic land- and waterscapes!

🔍 the first 2 images via here   🔍 road image via  here   🔍 still life is from TINE K HOME via here.

🔍 I'm loooving these black glazed tiles! This kitchen corner looks totally smashing! The image is via 📍Ah, and something more, here's a small book cover image in the left-hand corner, have you spotted? THE NATURAL HOME book by a Swedish stylist, Hans Blomquist seems to be right what we need to create a brutal yet harmonious Nordic space with a focus on simple, natural materials.

🔍  Another kitchen corner in black is also captivating, simple yet solid.
🔍 And I couldn't help but adding here something authentically Nordic, -- an ICELANDIC FISH SOUP, recipe here. That's what I'd love to make first on my future iron cabin summer kitchen!😎

Though the main idea of the project is its being rustic, I consider bringing statement contemporary design objects into such space, be it tableware, lighting or furniture...
And this is my Polyvore set "THANKSGIVING DINNER!which I did by the Thanksgiving day, yet
it perfectly fits into the topic!

And now, we've come close to my next lifestyle crush, which is... TADAAM!.. WABI SABI, as it's called originally in Japanese, shortly meaning "... the art of finding beauty in imperfection." Adapting the concept to the European realities, it may also be accepted as a kind of new HYGGE.
Culturally being very far from anything Japanese, I've defined several aspects of what  w a b i   s a b i  style means to me -- first of all, it's 📍 LIVING SLOW, a seeming CAREFREE-ness though based upon a lot of attention to the littlest details, RUSTIC MINIMALIST approach, a mix of NORDIC & NOMADIC! elements and the usage of ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS.
  🔍 All images via TUMBLR The last fashion image is from the shop

Well, the style I'm presenting here today is b r u t a l & r o u g h. But there is another wabi-sabi style I like which is a   s o f t | n a t u r e l l e. Soon to come, in one of my next posts!😉

🔑 Well, hope you enjoyed, let me know if you feel like it's up your alley too! 
And lastly, I wanna share with you my most favourite links, all are the ultimate place to draw the maximal inspiration for the slow living. And here they are:

Thursday, 7 September 2017

recipe of the day: Pyttipannu

It's been such a long time since I've posted here! Really, it's quite hard to get back on track after a prolonged pause! Though... no complains about how busy I've been, and how much I wish I were a diligent blogger (though both are true;) The good thing is that the first step is already done!😎

And now, it's time for a filling & comforting... Pyttipannu! Each time we are in Finland, we never forget to indulge in this simple yet tasty, actually made of left-overs dish, - fried cubes of potato, sausages cut by circles (the way we always have it served in front of us when in Finland) and omelette!
What you see in the photographs is my basic pyttipannu version made by memory and inspired by a cheff Marcus Samuelsson's presentation, as from here.

3 Tbsp. olive oil
1½ cups diced (Yukon Gold) potatoes (skin on)
1 large yellow onion, diced
1 cup diced leftover brisket
1 cup diced leftover cooked ham
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 Tbsp. unsalted butter
4 large eggs

1. Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan over medium heat and cook the potatoes, stirring occasionally, until tender, about 8 minutes.
2. Add the onion and continue to cook, stirring often, until it is golden and the potatoes have crispy edges, about 6 more minutes.
3. Add the brisket and ham and cook, stirring often, until they're heated through. If things begin to stick to the pan along the way, add a little water to release them. Taste and season with salt and pepper.
4. Melt the butter in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat and fry the eggs sunny-side up.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

...such has been the Spring!

In March, i was lucky to attend a little Spring Ball in APTEKARSKY OGOROD during a short visit to Moscow. Don't ask me what i was doing there again!:) I was told the exhibition would be closed the next day, so i decided not to miss the chance. The weather was cold and windy but, in spite of long standing in a queue (i even caught cold!:/ i could steal a glance of what was going on behind the scenes of Spring!

 ... though, already past their best, most of the tulips were still glorious!

... i could see many new to me sorts! How do you like these amazing cabbage roses-like tulips with "frosted" edges?!

↑... unfortunatelly, i didn't have enough time to make notes of sorts names. So, thinking of our future garden, i shall have to find most of these by their images only... Well, that's going to be a real hunt!;)

↑... fascinated by their egg-shaped heads! 

↑... like flames of fire!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Beograd walks - part I

...continuing our walk along the streets of Belgrade! This time, different buildings and street corners that captured our attention. Mostly, Belgrade shows its beauty in white (and that is why it is called BELGRADE = WHITE CITY), grey and sometimes brown tones, so this colourful house is one of the not so many really bright spots of the capital...
Along with my own remarks on this or that, let me share also some beautiful quotes that I have found about Belgrade. Just feeling absolutely the same way as the authours of the quotations, and couldn't have said it better👍

"Once located at the border between the Turkish and Austro-Hungarian empires, it combines Central European with more Oriental influences, and adds a style and spirit of its own. I can only put it one way: Belgrade is cool." - Bootsnall: Serbia Travel Guide

“There are places in Belgrade where picket fences still exist, with weeds of a strong and bitter smell growing right next to them… a turtledove is cooing upon the wild pear branch and the lost field mouse is running in terror or hunger… All these things still exist, in a street with no name and a house with no number… Stuck like thistle to the pants of the metropolis, travelling across a time and space they do not belong to.”
Dušan Radović, poet and writer


“This grand city seems to have always been like this: torn and split, as if it never exists but is perpetually being created, built upon and recovered. On one side it waxes and grows, on the other it wanes and deteriorates. Ever in motion and rustle, never calm and never knowing tranquility or quiet. The city upon two rivers, on the grand clearing, bound by the winds.”
Ivo Andrić, writer and Nobel Prize winner


↑... it's not a rare case when you may spot graffitti on Belgrade buildings, even such cool artworks! This one is at Crnogorska Street in Savamala district.

“The sky above Belgrade is expansive and high, shifting yet always beautiful; clear with its chill splendour during the winter; turning into a single downcast cloud during summer storms, driven by the crazy winds and bearing rain mixed with the dust of the Pannonian plain; seeming to flower along with the ground during spring; and growing heavy with roils of autumnal stars during fall. Always beautiful and bountiful, it is a reward to this odd township for all that is missing and a comfort for everything that should not be.”
Ivo Andrić, writer and Nobel Prize winner

↕... this area is close to the Main Railroad Station of the city. My heart is simply mealting when i see such time-honoured buildings... ever gorgeous!

↑...  apart from the architectural charm of this house, i was attracted by the curious whale graffitti!

↑... The Belgrade Main Railway Station, built between 1882 and 1885 after the designs of the architect Dragutin Milutinović. It has the status of the сultural monument of great importance. [source: wikipedia]

Beograd: window shopping

Today, i am ready with a little continuation of our Belgrade walking holidays in September. Now, every girl´s fav topic - shopping, and namely i'd like to show some interesting stuff spotted while walking along the historical center of Belgrade.
Also, i want to mention that i had some really tough time passing by so many eye-catching things tempting me from nearly every shopwindow! The good thing is that even inexpensive things in Belgrade, be it clothes, shoes or accessories, do look tastefully! Sincerely, most of stuff I saw in the category had been like this. So, if you want a budget-friendly but smart shopping, welcome to Belgrade!ツ

... i fell in love with this awesome rooster at first glance! Really, i was hardly coaxed to move on from the shopwindow! And though this time a giant art purchase wasn't in our plans, but it is now in my mind to be back for my rooster and take him with me! Please, dear anyone, don't buy it! Let it enliven the street... until i come!😇

↑, in the window of a restaurant (unfortunatelly, i didn't remember the location:(, i was caught by these picturesque dry flower arrangements! Floristics is my big passion, so floral creations wherever displayed always have my attention.ツ

... how beautiful is this collection of shabby chic goodies!? And yes, each time i can reasonably explain why i need pretty every single piece showcased in front of me, and how & where i would use it! At least, "it being another one creative prop" sounds always like a good excuse...ツ

... And this is a gift & souvenir shop on Kneza Mihaila street (or Prince Michael Street) - the city's promenade.  If i am not mistaken, it's on the left side of the street in the direction of Kalemegdan park.
Also, this was a place where i let my admiration for Nikola Tesla go wild! Well, ok... not as wild as i really wished it, but i bought some souvenirs portraying my favourite scientist. And, later on, in a souvenir tent, which are many along Knez Mihailova street, i got a T-shirt with a portrait of Nikola Tesla! A selfie of us both has to happen, no way around it! :))

... you might have already spotted this painting in the picture above (next to Nikola Tesla's portrait, in the very bottom of the shopwindow), and here it is in close-up. Cartoon style and bright colours of the artwork showing a panorama of Belgrade amazed me! The artist is Vuk Vučković,one of the most successful young artists in Serbia.

... also, not far from the souvenir shop, there is an indoor flea market where you can find any kind of treasure imaginable!!

... as you may guess, i am in l💗ve with this painting! Alas, my photography can't show it, but the painting was obviously done in some special technique which my untrained eye couldn't guess... I was captivated by the colours and the incredible lightness of... drawing!;

... the Victorian in me was so excited at the sight of this fine cutlery, vessels, mirrors and purses!!

 ... there followed a space where antique furniture, lighting and statuettes were displayed for sale.
... always loving antique and vintage lamps; and such wash jug and a bowl is my one little dream!
... [s e c o n d   p i c ] i love this richly framed roses and a striped chair together! such a lovely corner!

↑... as far as my amateur acquaintance with historical design styles may allow me to judge, this curved.... drawer (correct me if this is not quite proper word for it) belongs to Art Nouveau epoch (the topic of my latest and biggest interest, by the by). ツ We spent there some time indulging in contemplation of all that Beauty, but there came a time to continue our walk...

↑... but, on our way back to the hotel, there was waiting for us, as a little consolation prize -- an  antiquarian shop, located somewhere in the same, Kneza Mihaila street. This prettiest armchair with English-style roses is nothing but a dream! ......... Ok, hope you enjoyed! Now leaving, but I'll be back here soon! 😎

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Beautiful Subotica

This Autumn we happened to be for a little walk around the historical center of Subotica, a picturesque town in Vojvodina province of Serbia, located not far from the Hungarian border. We were there only in transit, but I could take some pictures of this amazing town during our half an hour walk.

Many buildings in the center of Subotica were built in the beginning of the 20th century in Hungarian Secession style, which I really admire!

I am loving such style of shop-windows as protruded glass cases in wooden frames... They feel very nostalgic and draw me on like magnets :)

... a beautiful coffee spot attracting with sunny-yellow sitting area...

 ... I feel so much interest in historical architecture with its aura of mystery calling to explore unique stories old buildings possess... Even simply leafing through photography books is always inspiring!

A cosy looking bakery "Proleće" (means "Spring") discovered somewhere not far from the town's center... 

And next time, I invite you for a walk in one of my most favourite cities, Beograd!💓 I'll do my best to be back the soonest possible! Meanwhile, a delightful weekend to all who's reading this!